Have you been asking these questions “how would I start packing for my trekking trip? What is the list of things I should pack for the trekking journey I’m embarking on? They are nice questions. Just know that your questions are answered the moment you get to this page. I assure you that, after reading this article, you will find the answer you have been searching for and you will also find more things about trekking packing list, like the organization of the stuff you are packing for the trekking journey. So read on and find out!!!
What is trekking all about?
Some of you that are about to go for trekking doesn’t know what trekking really mean. I will use this opportunity to explain what it is all about. Trekking implies the act of traveling on foot. It is an appealing and exciting holiday journey you can embark on, and you need to walk with your foot to where ever you are going to. Trekking is a courageous journey to find out the natural things of the world and different societies by foot, on high mountains or hilly places. There will be no sign of cars, no lane for cars or other modern transportations till you get to some areas with settlements. Nowadays people work day and night to get money, and they don’t spend much time for themselves, so the little time you have for yourself you need to make it enjoyable, and appealing. Trekking journey is the people’s favorite because it relieves them of any type of stress and keeps them happier. People embark on trekking for adventure, enjoyment, and fun. Some trek far if they are seeking to find solitude! If you have never tried it, this article will inspire you to try!
Things to consider when planning trekking
Now that you know what you are about embarking on, you will now need to consider some of these things for your journey. There are the first steps to planning your trekking journey. You will follow the steps one after the other to arrive at the position of the best trekker in the whole world. Here are some of the things you should do!
Consider where you are trekking to
Where you are trekking to will determine what you will pack and the type of backpack you will go with. If you are planning trekking to a high altitude, then you have to pack light, but all the basic needs must be intact. If you are trekking to regions that are prone to dangerous animals and robbers, you need to go along with some safety gadgets for protection. Then you must not pack your valuables especially things you wouldn’t want to lose!
Liquid versus solid items
When you are trekking, remember you are going to carry everything on your back or dragging the wheels yourself. So think of what will be light. For example, liquid items are often heavy, while solid items are light and can take little space. You will be the best judge. So consider this!
The gadgets to go with
We will still talk about the ones that are not vital. But before that, you are to think of the gadgets you will need most and how you are going to trek with them. This is also determined by the length of your journey and the number of days or week you are going to spend there. Then don’t forget to consider if this trip is for a job or for fun. This is because the gadget you will carry when you are going for a trekking job is different and very important. You can forgo the fun gadgets but not the working gadget.
Condition of health
The trekker who never put her condition of health into consideration might not come back from the journey. It happened to one of my colleagues in the office. She went trekking to a far place without her inhaler, and as she received the asthmatic attack, there was nowhere to get an inhaler from. Ask your doctor about your health condition and get the necessary medications for your journey before you think of trekking.
Then consider what kind of trekker you are
If you are the type that wants convenience while trekking, you need a backpack that can give you that. It should have wheels and should be durable. If you are packing heavy, it can carry you. But if you are packing light, it will still be fanciful.
Capital outlay
It is essential to check what a trekking journey entails. If you are trekking in poor condition, you will not cope. This is because you will be carrying few and this list will help you to leave some valuables at home. You are intended to buy the remaining. So you need some cash too. If there is no money how will you cope?
Take a thorough study of the roadmap
The roadmap will guide you on where you are going and what to take along with you. The type of settlement of the place you are trekking to is important. Some places exhibit nuclear type, some linear and some live in a scattered form. If they live close to the road, there are some things you can get along the route. But if they are spread, you better get what will take you through a long way.
The economic condition, weather condition, and culture
Finally, let’s wrap it here! We have many things a trekker can consider before embarking on the journey. But, we can just stop at this juncture because; you will still have the opportunity of getting more from our other write-ups. All the same, don’t forget to check if things are affordable. Check out on their climatic condition and finally on their social status. Some places are hostile to strangers and robbers may attack the trekker. This will help you in deciding if you are going as a minimalist or the extravagant trekker!
Choose a backpack
Before you pack or get the list of what to pack, you will have to select the type of backpack that will suit you; the items and sturdy for the trekking journey. Then you wouldn’t go for the wrong one as in going for that which is for men! There are the feminine type and masculine pack. You have to differentiate that. There is a list of some of the backpacks to suit you!
List of backpacks
• They are the Osprey fair point seventy backpacks which is durable, reliable and lightweight. This backpack is exactly how you expect it to be from the manufacturer. It is of perfect size, very modernized and fits you. There is an integrated daypack, with a unique sternum and lumbar support. It also has a mesh which is an anti-sweats device for your back. With the backpack, you will be comfortable throughout your trekking trip!

• Another backpack you can think of if this seventy-liter backpack is too large for you is the fifty-five liter of the same make. It still has the daypack attached to it and also all the wonderful features of the first backpack. The only difference is a small size. It is normally simple for you in case your trip is not going to last for too long. Yet I can assure you it is good for a first timer who wouldn’t want to pack a whole lot of things!

• There is also some favorite carry- on only size backpacks which you can still use for your trekking in case the others are still not for you. They are here for you to make a choice too. One of the best carry-on-only backpack with size forty liters pack and have a weight that could be smaller than three pounds is the osprey FairPoint 40. They are of high quality and category. They are durable packs and also have density straps built on them to assist you and reduce the space usage. Osprey FairPoint 40 may be higher in price than you think but when you try buying it, you will realize you didn’t make a mistake because it is the best quality ever.

• The cabin zero is another backpack you can think of when you are planning on trekking. It is specifically made for easy trekking activities and other simple trips you can embark on. It is a modern backpack style, and it is different from others. Its capacity is forty-four liters. This backpack features a front opening to make it easy for you to access all the sections.

• Osprey FairPoint 55 is also a tremendous carry-on backpack.

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• Then another special carry-on backpack is Ebag mother lode twenty-two inches which is the same size as cabin baggage. It is very portable and flexible. It can take laptops too. It was very well intended especially in reaching the needs of a minimalist and modernized traveler. If you want to add any other load with the one you are carrying, you could just add a small shoulder bag and camera bag. That will also leave enough space in the main backpack for necessity.

There are some top best backpacks with a wheel for you if you are a comfort trekker! You wouldn’t want to carry your backpack all along. Then there are some you can try buying!
The high sierra twenty-two wheeled backpack, with attached daypack:
• This is one of the top-best-wheeled backpacks. It’s very cheap and affordable for all. This pack comes with a daypack that could be attributed to it with a zipper. It is compact since you can zip it on when you are traveling with it or zip it out if you are not in need of it. The attached daypack is like a short hike, and you can separate it into two places if you are traveling. The backpack is versatile since the twenty-two inch of the main bag is tangible enough to be used as a cabin baggage. Many of the airports can allow you to carry along both the main bag and the daypack to show you how generally acceptable the backpack is. It is also potable enough than the large wheeled backpack, and you can even manage to wear it when you can’t wheel it.
• The high sierra drop bottom wheeled duffel is the next you can try trekking with! It is the large brother of the twenty-two-inch cottage backpack alternative. The twenty-six inch has sixty-eight liters of space where you can pack your stuff. And you can wheel it uprightly if the load is too heavy.
• The Caribee-Sky-master-seventy backpack is another of a backpack for your trekking trip. Many people like it because it will swallow everything and still remain light when you are wheeling it along. It is seventy liters and has a daypack attached to it. Are you serious that you really want to travel with a large number of your belongings? Then this is the best bag that would suit you! You can carry every single thing you wish to carry in the bag, but the problem is that you cannot hang it on your back for a long time.
• Eagle creek flip switch twenty-two should be your choice if you are among those who like things that are comfortable. This backpack is always the best since it gives numerous side pockets to put different items of your choice. You can store your laptop on a sleeve that was padded on it. The side pocket is to makes your gear stay put.
• Then if in the course of your trekking, you are planning to go hiking, there are some backpacks for that. The best top hiking style backpack suggestions are;
• The Osprey Aether seventy hiking packs. With this backpack, you can be able to pack items that will suit your hiking activities. It has the best attribute to make you comfortable on your trekking journey
• The high sierra sentinel sixty-five has the best and lots of attributes too. It is one of the best hiking style backpacks, and it has an integrated pack- away waterproof cover. You might have the need to use it to cover the bag when it starts raining. Your items in the backpack will be well protected from the rain.
• Finally, we complete the list of backpacks for trekking with the Kelty coyote 80. That is if you are still in need of a large spaced hiking style backpack. It is very large and can accommodate any stuff you want to trek with. There is a top side which you can actually separate when you are in need of a daypack. Even as it is the head loader, the main bags are in the middle and lower parts.
• Now that we have given you enough options in the world of backpacks, we are taking you to explore the world of what to pack into the backpack you chose! This is another challenging aspect of your trekking .many people do get confused here. You shouldn’t be afraid because others were there and because of that, they are ready to guide you! Here you go!
List of items for your trekking
Female trekkers take note! You are always having a hard time packing your items for trekking. This is not good. You can make it light! All you want is to pack all your fashionable items, trinkets, and makeups. The problem is that there is only a little space and it can’t contain everything. You don’t even know where you are trekking to. You might decide to change your track because you are your own pilot. Try to pack according to your priorities but let this list of things you should pack guide you! Let me share this little experience of mine with you. My first trekking holiday journey was a tough experience I would never wish for myself or anybody! I almost packed all the stuff in my house thinking I was doing the right thing! Behold, I didn’t know that, I have bitten more than I can chew! My backpack became too heavy for me to carry when I got a little tired. My companions on the trekking journey were moving faster, but I was stuck in the back because of the weight of my backpack. When it started raining, my items were all wet because I made the wrong choice of a backpack. Then, do you know that most of the things in my backpack were useless? I didn’t need them at all! I don’t want anybody to suffer like me. That is the major reason for writing down lists of important things you should pack. As a lady all you will need there are written below.
• Shirts: you can go trekking holiday journey with five to six shirts. I advise you to mix the colors of the shirts you are going with and also mix long and short sleeve. You can check the weather chart for the place you are going to know how cold or warm the place can be. You will know the type of shirt material you can take if you find out how the weather is. If the place you are going to is cold, then take a thick shirt material, but if the weather of the area is warm, then you can go with a light shirt material.
• Cardigan or sweater: you should go with your cardigan or sweater because during summer time people also go outside with their cardigans or sweaters because the weather might get cold at any time. So to avoid catching a cold, you need a cardigan for your holiday trekking travel. There are also light sweaters that wouldn’t make you sweat but keep you warm. Also, note that you probably may not need it when you are trekking in very hot climates.
• Dresses: you need a dress in case you want to look casual during the holiday. There are also awesome dresses you can wear for outing and night parties.
• Tank tops and t-shirts: you need to pack tank tops and t-shirts, if you are on hot days, to avoid sweating too much. You can also wear it on an ordinary basis.
• Black skinny trouser or jeans: the whole world knows jeans and they wear them too. So going with jeans is not a problem. But to make it perfect go with black jean. They look so impressive during the day, and they hardly get dirty. It is comfortable to wear black jeans if you are going out in the night. We ladies like fashion bottoms, I assure you that the black skinny jeans are still in fashion, and they are comfortable and attractive. Black skinny trouser is good to wear on any type of weather including summer.
• A pair of black culottes: it is also useful to bring a black culottes because it is an adorable and cool bottom for fashion.
• A pair of khaki shorts: you could wear this for climb hills and high mountains because it makes you walk and stretch your legs freely.
• Yoga pants and waterproof jackets
• One plain skirt: this is for the sexy outfit; it could be worn during the day and also at night parties. With this, you will look attractive and cute.
• One flare skirt: it is important to go with a flared skirt because in hot climates the other bottom clothes will make you sweat but flare skirt will allow air circulation to every part of you.
• One black lengthens or long skirt: this may probably be useful; it is another cloth that will prevent you from catching a cold.
• Bum shorts: Short is common! Even Europeans wear them but don’t wear them when it’s cold. Shorts are the perfect and good option for a trekking journey and picnicking in the parks. If you are always wearing shorts and you like shorts, there is no problem with that, but I will only tell you to go with shorts that are cool, cute, sexy, and fashionable and not sports shorts. Also get some ordinary and casual shorts for walking around the environment during the day and for sleeping in the night.

Other clothing accessories like sports bras, underwear, belts, regular pants as well as waterproof pants, etc. get many of this for a clean change.
• Socks: you need socks. It is important. Believe me! It will help in protecting the foot from hurt, it keeps you warm too. But I advise you to go with some pairs only. Good socks are long lasting; To get the best socks you should buy fine wool made socks, it is best for summer. It has no weight, and it will keep you cool and free from sweat. Here are some other socks features that could act well in summer and trekking journey.

Check the following features before you buy socks.
• Moisture-wicking: check if it is a type of sock makes your feet sweat much… If you need a kind of socks that will draw moisture far away from your feet, make your feet odorless, keep your feet away from painful blisters and always make your feet dry, you must first check if the sock is moisture free.
• Quick-dryer socks: you must check if it dries super fast so that if it gets dirty, you could wash and get it dry.
• Odor-eliminating: many synthetic socks are made with a very special anti-bacterial content that will help in taking away odor. Socks that are light don’t need an anti-bacterial content because the naturally don’t let your foot smell. They work well during the summer season.
• Avoid cotton: socks made of cotton grabs moisture easily and are hard to dry. They get bad odor very fast even after you wash them.

These are lightweight socks that are best for you to trek with.
• Smart wool socks
• Darn tough socks
• Wigwam socks
• Thorlo

Shoes a lady can take for trekking packing journey
Many ladies do ask! What type of shoe should I take on a trekking voyage? How many shoes should I choose for the trekking journey?! It is really hard for you to know the type of shoe you can wear when you are going on holiday trekking travel. Sometimes the shoe you thought wouldn’t give you stress will turn to the angel you don’t know! Don’t worry! I will use the little experience I had, to tell you the shoes that are very important for you to take along with you. As I told you earlier about my trekking travel, I packed so many things including shoes. I can remember packing twenty foot wears thinking it will be easy!! Believe me when I say, I made use of six of the shoes while the remaining stayed inside the backpack resting. I decided to note down shoes that were useful during the trip.
Below are the lists of shoes you can trek with
• Women hiking shoes; they are light and heavy. But make sure you choose the light one.
• Water sandals
• Comfortable shoes; they will suit you at all times.
• Durable shoes; make sure the shoes are durable. Even if you are taking two pairs, they should be able to last all through your trekking period.
• Quality shoes; get them from a good company that is into quality. This is because you will have the assurance of the quality of the materials. I wouldn’t want to cry had I known on the road if the shoes happen to break off!
• Black colored shoes are preferable because they normally suit every color of clothing!
• Trekking shoes or hiking boots.
Camping gear list
• A tent and tarp
• Swiss knife, folding tables, and chairs
• A pair of polarizing sunglasses. This will protect you from snow-blindness.
• A backpack with backpack covers to protect your items from the effect of the rain.
• Head torch, small torch, extra and rechargeable batteries
• Map of the area you are trekking to.
• Sleeping bag let it be an air mattress with a pump if you like. And deflectable pillow and a silk liner.
• Two water bottles. Get also a filter bottle. You may need this!
• Camping kitchen list
• Stove and propane
• Cooler
• Matches or lighter
• Plates, cups, bowls, silverware
• Campfire grill
• Biodegradable soap
• Trash bags
• Containers for storing food
• Cutting board, napkins, and dishpan.
Food to carry while trekking
Many novices on trekking do not always know the food items to carry when they are going trekking. That might cause confusion on the way. And sometimes, they may come back mid-way when they are unbearably hungry. This list will guide you on that area.
For a day trip or trekking, the food to carry includes;
• Trail mix
• Seeds, all nuts like; nut butter packs or nut-based bars.
• Veggies
• Dried or freeze-dried fruits
• Energy bars, gels, and chews
• Granola bars or granola
• Tuna salad pouches that are already made.
• Grain tortillas (whole-grain)
• The food you like cooking
• Condiments
• Nuts and snacks for short time hunger while trekking
• Food list Munching items: energy bars or chocolates, trail mix, dry fruits, energy bars, and chocolates

Light photo equipment
• Camera or your smartphone
• Tablets are the best option
• iPhone battery pack if you are going with your iPhone
• Get a clip for your phone, and a tripod case.

What to wear when trekking
• Don’t wear heavy or thick layer clothes if you are trekking in hot weather.
• Wear light underwear when the weather is cold
• Avoid any cotton material and look for anything fabrics. Fabric wicks sweat away from your skin.
• Go with the right stockings
Packing list for a toiletry bag
This is the fundamental list in a trekking packing list. You can’t embark on trekking without them. If you do, you will be like a lost soldier in the forest. Even monsters will run away from you!
The first things to think of are listed according to the scale of preference as follows;
• Toothbrush, mouthwash, toothpaste, floss
• Hair ties, brush, barrettes or bobby pins, hair comb.
• Deodorant sprays
• Conditioner, hair cream and shampoo
• Face lotion containing SPF and sunscreen
• Makeup removers, wipes and face wash
• Q-tips.
• Set up packed in a wipeable wristlet.
• Dark time Moisturizer or Lotion.
List of medical items to carry on a trekking trip
Consider going to your medical doctor for your special health care medication if you have a health issue. But if you don’t, you can get some over the counter medication for relief of trekking pains and other things like
• Paracetamol
• Ibuprofen
• Antihistamine tablets
• Rehydration sachets
• Anti-malaria tablets
• Asthma inhalers especially for asthmatic patients
• Insulin
• Epi-pen
• Throat lozenges
• Latex gloves
• Crepe bandages
• ciprofloxacin
First aid items to carry when you are trekking
Go with the following first aid items
• Gastrolyte sachets
• Loperamide
• Tinidazole
• Lomotil
• Blister kit
• Sunscreen
• Bandages
• Insect repellent with DEET
• Antibiotic cream
• Iodine and water filter
• Acetazolamide
• Acetaminophen or maybe Tylenol for analgesia.
This list is optional, but you need to go through it in case you need them
• Safety gadgets include fire, whistle, and light
• Rain gear and a multipurpose tool
• Bear spray
• Waist pack
• Fanny pack
• Swimsuit if you will go swimming
• A travel towel is vital
• Light or heavy sweaters depending on where you are trekking to
• Hiking pole may be optional
• Chapstick
Things you shouldn’t pack
There are things you don’t need for trekking! During that my trekking experience, I packed them only to discover what a big fool I was! I never used them, but they constituted lots of havoc for me! Check this list properly and remove them as soon as possible, because am sure you have already packed them!
They are;
• Expensive jewelry; Have you thought of the risk you’re exposing yourself to? If you don’t want to lose them. Look more like a local!
• All of the technical gadgets in your house. For example, camera zoom lens. What do you need them for? You may be a sucker for quality photographs, but a zoom lens is big and heavy. It will weigh you down unless you are going for work were you need the point for shooting. But if not, a good lens camera is suitable for you.
• Extra toiletries; you can buy some of them as you go. So don’t insist on packing everything. Even most of the over the counter medicines are sold everywhere.
• Travel iron. Just go with clothes that can acclimatize in any condition! Don’t pack many cotton clothes. They are fluffy sure! But they take much space and will never think of drying once they get wet.
• Conditioners, shampoos or body lotion
• Don’t go with your hair drier
• There are some nice fanciful shoes you have at home. Don’t go with them they may not survive the trip. And they might not be comfortable enough for trekking.
• The paper guidebook will get wet like mine did. A full guidebook is always too heavy. What you really need is just a chapter of the book. You can just copy out the pages you need for light trekking. Then if you need more information, Google search for it.
• Avoid many jackets at all cost. They will be appealing to your fancy but leave them one is just okay!
• Many people like a towel. That does not mean you should carry more than one towel. Make it a light one too!
• Avoid going with more than one book. Just one interesting book can keep you moving. If you finish reading it. Exchange it with another traveler.
• Don’t go with any pillow unless it is deflectable. They do take much of your space.
• Don’t go with your hiking boots for they are very heavy and can take much space. It is better you go hiking with some comfortable shoes that are of good quality. If you want to use them to walk around in the city what will you look like?
• Designer luggage. That way you are prone to robbery attack! We have listed clothes you can go with. That does not mean you will pack everything in the list. Your packing will be based on how far, long and where you are trekking to. Don’t pack more than a pair of jeans. You don’t need them.
Summing Up
Anything you are thinking of packing with the conditional statement “if” is not a necessity. And if you are saying you might need it for one important period, then you will not need it at all. Those are some of the things you can buy along the way. If you buy things after arrival, it will make you save yourself from stuff you would have bought that are not important. Unless the trekking leads you to a very remote area, if not, get things like shaving soap, extra toiletries, water bottles, and even some antibiotics. Buying things at your destination can be a fascinating experience. You can get to learn some of the light languages as you interact with them.
Pack for a specific destination and make sure your list is based on your priorities. Ours will only guide you to pack right!