As a journey freak, you should know the significance of having a nice packing checklist. If you are not experienced in traveling, you will find difficulties in understanding what to pack for your journey. However, if you are a frequent traveler, you won’t find difficulties in packing what you need for your trip. To assist you to find out what to pack for your holiday, here are some basic guidelines to choosing the perfect international packing checklist- a packing list created to fit the desire of any traveler and any trip.
Things to consider before choosing from your packing list:
Before you start arranging your stuff for the trip, there are some things you should consider. Those things will be the chief determinant of the set of things that will appear on your travel list:
 The first thing you should consider is the duration of the journey. If the trip is not going to last for a decade, you can always pack as the minimalist has advised. Don’t go overboard in your packing because they are written on this list. Your priority matters a lot.
 The next thing to consider is the reason for the trip. Is it based on fun or work? If you are traveling for work, you should get the necessary things needed for your job. They should be put into consideration before any other thing. You can minimize your personal belongings but not your working gadgets otherwise you may be stranded.
 Then if you are the type of person that works with laptops, you need to go with it. However, there is an alternative to that heavy load. Many opt for tablets which do the work of laptops and also phones. The only demerit is that it might not be on the cheap side.
 Cameras might be bulky so consider leaving them behind because any weight that is not in line with the authorized weight by the travel agency will be charged excessively or you will be asked to drop out.
 Consider packing solid item as in toiletries. They can go in that bag without notice. They cannot add much to the weight of the bag.
 Another thing you should consider before packing for your trip is your medical condition. So many travelers are on drugs, so they can’t go without their medical items. Go to your health specialist for the comprehensive list of what your medical kit should contain. Although we have some items that should be in your medical kit, they are just general necessities.
 The choice of the articles of clothing to pack will depend on the weather of the zone you are traveling to. Moreover, the amount of money for your travels should be asked after ahead of time. It will also depend on the economy of the place. Some places are too expensive to stay in so whenever you are traveling to such places; you need to fill your pocket otherwise you will get stranded. Also, you need to carry everything you need to make your stay cheaper.
 Consider how safe the region is before you choose what to go with. A place known for the notorious characters is not a place to carry your valuables. If it is a must, don’t forget to take an insurance cover in case of loss.
Some guides to travel packing list:
Bare essentials are things you will need to pack, not minding your destination or how long you are going to stay wherever you are going to. Make sure you don’t forget to pack these things because they are essential.
Packing list for bare essentials: these items are to be packed regardless of where you are traveling to and how long you are going to stay there.
What to pack:
• Comfortable shoes: make sure you get a good and robust shoe to enable you to run and work. This will give you the comfort you want, will hold up to use and will be cost-efficient.
• Comfortable shirt: get a comfortable and good shirt which will be useful to you. If you don’t want to pack more than one shirt, you can decide to go for a long sleeve shirt because you can easily roll the sleeves up.
• Comfortable trousers: jean trouser is preferable because it is rugged enough to withstand some problems you might encounter during your journey. The only disadvantage is that they will not dry easily when washed.
• Clothing Accessories: a nice pair of underwear, a belt, a pair of socks, and any other clothing materials you feel you are going to need in the course of your journey. The less you get, the better off you will be in the aspects of essentials.
• Your phone: different phones now work internationally, or at least they can be activated immediately you are in another country. A smartphone is specifically preferable because of its broad utility. Make sure to get a USB cable and a wall charger in case the battery runs down.
• Backpack: A nice backpack is something that can never be overemphasized. A backpack is something you used to pack whatever you get on the way when traveling. Also, when trying to choose a backpack, endeavor to pick one which is strong (produced with the nice material) and waterproof in case of rain. Before selecting a backpack, also make sure it is convenient enough for use. We will still give you some backpacks for you to choose from.
• Light jacket: A thick jacket is not recommended for your vacation. Instead, you can get a light jacket that can withstand little change in temperature and also lessen strong winds. While traveling layer is your companion.
• Wallet: Always take your wallet or any other means of identification along with you, for example, a drivers license, state ID card, student ID card are preferable, plus your traveling passport.
• Passport: Don’t forget to get an additional passport in case you will need a substitute at some point. In case you have a passport card, you can also go with it, though it is not necessary for air travel it can help as another means of identifying you for clarity purposes. It doesn’t take much space in your bag.
• Credit Cards: Visa master card which is a key credit card should go with you. It would be sensible if you reach your credit card company before you travel so that they will not identify your card for fake charges when you try to use it in another country either for shopping or withdrawal.
• Cash: Whenever you want to embark on a journey, make sure you have extra cash with you not minding where you are. It could be helpful to you, notwithstanding the currency you are having.
• Travel Documents: You can travel with any other traveling documents you have. These traveling documents may be in the form of plane and train tickets, international drivers permit rental agreement and so on.
• Map: You can also choose to travel with the map of the country you are traveling to especially if it is a foreign country. The map could help you in case you are finding difficulty in understanding the language of the country you are traveling to. It is also advisable to travel with one or two maps of the different country.
• Prescribed Medicine: If you have any medication, that you have been using don’t forget to go along with it. A doctor must prescribe the medicine. Your medical kit must contain the following items; antiseptic hand wash, antiseptic cream, disinfectant wipes, a needle, bandages, safety pins as well as plasters. Don’t forget to add antacid for constipation issues, antidiarrhoeals, ibuprofen or paracetamol. Some places abroad have cases of hayfever; you may not know this! So to be on the safe side, get antihistamines. Inhalers are needed by asthmatic patients, while oral rehydration sachets are essential too.
• Small Notebook or Journal: this is very important to travel with because it is used to jot down some information like trip information, recording the address of where you are traveling to or where you intend traveling to.
• Writing Instrument: Series of good pens (ballpoint is advisable) or a pencil and sharpener. You can also use it for recording information about your trip.
You may choose to add some clothing items to your luggage. Your choice of clothing depends on where you are traveling to and what is taking you there. Whatever you decide to pick from your wardrobe, let it be what you want. If you find out that where you are going to sells cheap clothing, pick a few and buy some there.
What to pack:
• Heavy Jacket: The kind of jacket you will put on depends on where you are traveling to and when you will be traveling there. A heavy jacket is preferable most especially when you are traveling to a cold region.
• Scarf: A beautiful scarf can be used in place of a muffler to breathe through when the weather is cold and can also serve as a windbreak. If you don’t want to pack one for yourself, you can decide to get one when you arrive at your destination.
• Business Clothing: Packing business clothing for your trip depends on the reason for your trip. You may wish to pack a complete suit. However, it takes too much space. And also don’t forget to pack a pair of shoe, socks, tie, and belt that fits the suit you bought.
• Business Casual Clothing: A good button-up polo shirt and some other nice bagging will be helpful for people that might want to visit upscale areas, museums, eateries, resorts and some other tourist centers. Don’t forget to pack shoes and belt that will match your casual wears.
• Swimsuits: If you are traveling to a place like Norway, you don’t need swimsuits, but if you are traveling to an area with sun and sand, swimsuits are needed. It is better you go for convenience instead of fancy. The Europeans design of swimsuits is different from those in the United States; therefore, the design wouldn’t be a big problem.
• Additional Normal Clothing: it is advisable to get at least three normal t-shirts or underwear’s, two pairs of pants, and four sets of underwear and socks. Try to get clothes that will be able to air dry easily. Cotton materials are not recommended because they will lose their texture when dried in air. So nylon material is preferable. You can take long sleeve tops for protection against mossies. Fleece will help at night and hoodie will help when it rains.
• Shoes: An extra pair of flat shoe is going to be helpful. This joined with the ones you put on at the airport is sufficient. You may decide to choose dress shoes, hiking shoes, or other spectacular foot wears depending on the conditions of your trip.
• Sandals: Don’t also forget to park a pair of sandal because it will be helpful in sandy regions and periods whereby the weather is hot or warm.
• Wide Brim Hat: this is a very nice alternative for a location with high temperature. It protects you from allowing the rays of the sun from getting to you.
• Gloves: this is going to be useful to you especially if you’re traveling to a place that has high relative humidity and rainfall.
• Umbrella: it is better you get yourself prepared for rainy climate and pack umbrella than to get drenched during your journey. Endeavor to pack umbrella that is compactable with your bag.
• Day Pack: a little pack makes you carry little things that you will need in the course of your journey without making you have bigger packs of luggage.
• Washing Items: depending on the duration of your trip, little washing items like detergent and soap could be of assistance when you want to wash your clothes.
Whenever you want to embark on a trip especially on a long vacation, your health should be put into consideration. Therefore you have to include in your packing list some hygienic and health-related articles. Some of these health items could be medicine, first aid, and toiletries.
What to pack:
• Towel: a nice towel or washcloths are always useful for your trip. Few less expensive hotels or lodges might not be able to give you these items; therefore you need to get one for yourself. A backpack towel is preferable because it won’t take much space in your bag.
• Tooth and Mouth Care: toothpaste, a toothbrush and a little container of mouthwash will be of help in the course of your journey for personal hygiene. Toothpicks could be helpful but not necessary.
• Vitamin: A nice multivitamin, fish oil pills and some things you constantly utilize are suggested to keep your nutrition and disposition in the course of your trip. You can choose to pack 5-HTP (a mood improver) and a few melatonin, which can both assist you to keep a healthful sleep timetable.
• Over the Counter Medicine: Otc like acetaminophen, ibuprofen, aspirin, and so on are advised or suggested for your trip. We likewise recommend that you pack medicines for nausea, for diarrhea, and for motion sickness, especially when you don’t have medical issues.
• First Aid Kit: in packing a first aid kit, everyone has to pack according to personal needs. An up to date first aid kit is a nice idea. It could be a necessary kit to keep on space but should include some materials like anesthetic spray, bandages, scissors, methylated spirit and antibiotic gel so that you are ready in case of accident or injury. Any other relevant diseases that are afflicting you such as serious health issues, the doctor will take care of it.
• Toiletries: they can occupy much space in the bag. Therefore pack only what you can’t do without and leave unimportant things. Get your condoms and piles. A mini bag for some toiletries like bar soap, nail clippers, shaving bit, and shampoo and so on are also suggested. Do not lavish space on a series of makeup materials which are not so necessary. Pick a strong bag to put these materials, and make sure you don’t forget to pack your comb and toiletry kit which will comprise of a toothbrush with cover, toothpaste, floss, and deodorant. Your sun cream is as important as an after sun. Cotton bud, sink plug and funnel are needed too. Many places need you to pack insect repellents, bite cream, and comb. You may also need a tweezer.
• Extra Glasses or Contact Lenses: this is a vital item to be packed in case you are using them before and in the case where you are traveling to a high-temperature zone. It can prevent direct rays of the sun from entering your eyes. Also, make sure to pack eyeglasses cleaning and repairing materials in case of any repair.
• Sunglasses: during hot climates, the rays of the sun can cause danger if you are driving a rental car. So make sure you get a pair of sunglasses to prevent the rays from the sun from damaging your eyes.
• Tissues: tissues are produced for a purpose. Don’t be greedy on space; a pack of tissues can be of great help in different conditions.
• Sewing kit: it is recommended you pack a few sewing materials like scissors, needle, thread, buttons, and the safety pin, etc., not minding where you are traveling to. This is because they will help out with your damaged clothes during the course of your trip.
• Water Bottle: it is advisable to pack a water bottle that can be able to filter and purify water.
• Universal Sink Stopper: you might imagine how frequent you might need this item on the way, but this won’t take much space in your bag. So make sure you include it because it’s going to be useful.
• Perfume: you might think you don’t need this item. However, let me put it to you that you will need it since you will want to look refreshed after a long trip and before dinner in a good eatery.
• Sunscreen for the beach: this is recommended especially if you want to visit a beach. So make sure to pack a little bottle in a plastic bag.
• Sleeping items: Don’t forget to also pack your sleeping items, an eye mask in case of cold, earplugs, and travel blanket in case of cold too and an inflatable pillow. Make sure the travel blanket and pillow is not too big.
• Small Plastic Bag: A sealable bag made from plastic either a zip lock or any similar plastic bags are recommended. They are used to pack some of your liquid articles and not only that, but they can also look beautiful when you carry them.
• Insect Repellant: This item is not always essential, but you might want to use it if you travel along with it. The problem is that you might not find it easy to find aerosol sprays in a plane. It is suggested that you look for a little, watery brand and put it in your packing bag
Probably many men are not making plans of using face moisturizer in any way, not to talk of the one that contains SPF which will keep their faces young and wrinkle-free. But the knowledge I have gotten from travel is that the secret behind the young and shiny skin of everyone is proper care of the skin. You may spend much time under the sun while trying to work so you should learn to use a facial scrub every morning to keep your face moisturized. A Philips razor is compact and easy to carry for your facial hairs. It is compatible to all voltages which mean that what you need for it is a small socket adapter in any foreign country. That will reduce your pack and also maintain your budget as you go. You wouldn’t look patchy and unkempt. You don’t need to assume a shipwrecked outlook just because you are a backpacker!
Here is a list of some recommended facial and hair care items you can travel with;
A container of GOT2B Phenomenal or a Gatsby Moving Rubber wax for the hair.
Philips Norelco beard
A container of Nivea men’s face cream containing SPF.
Your recreational and fun gadgets can spice up your trip. Make sure to pack them to help you experience a fun-filled vacation. Do not also forget to go along with the chargers too.
What to pack:
• GPS: Even with the help of your map, your phone also features an inbuilt GPS which can also help you with the information of where you are traveling to. Getting a GPS preloaded with current maps could also be of help.
• Digital Camera: packing this item is not compulsory. It depends on the ability of your phone camera. Many people claim that their iPod and camera are the most vital of their packing list. However, these days, mini-laptops are popular because what they can do for you. However, make sure you get insurance cover for every item that is very costly.
• MP3 players are also important for your leisure to get it and don’t forget to go with some batteries, about eight GB memory card, tripod, films and cables too.
• You need your notebook and let the battery be rechargeable for longer use and comfort. Solar chargers are preferable for phones. Moreover, you can get a USB stick which is about 8GB. You check the kind of plug adapter suitable ahead of time to avoid mistakes. Then get a head or hand touch. You will need it!
• An alarm is necessary for both men and women. You can make it an alarm clock. However, it is a must. A cheap digital Casio wrist watch is advisable when you are getting your stuff in! Don’t think of going without it.
• A set of Panasonic ear headphones.
• Mac book, Sony mirrorless camera, a compatible power splitter and a power converter.
• Anker iPhone lightning cables
• Anker mini portable charger.
For a shorter travel, don’t go with your laptop. An iPad, smartphone or any device that can replace a laptop will be a better option if communication is the main reason for carrying them.
Consider going with the following utensils which can cut into your wallet if you are traveling without them. Brew your coffee, take a breakfast of oatmeal and take tap water on a daily basis. Get an Aeropress for your coffee because it is compact. It features a carry case which makes it perfect for your travels. Use a reusable utensil for your everyday breakfast.
There are some here for you:
A compact set of travel utensil
Foldable water bottles.
Coffee filter
Some other necessities can make your journey memorable. They are highly recommended for your trip. Don’t ignore them! For instance;
• The sunglasses are vital whenever you are traveling
• You need hats or caps
• Buff is a necessity for every situation.
• Sleeping bag, your travel towel, and travel pillow.
• Eye mask with earplugs.
• Don’t forget to go with light books and magazines. A playing card is good for guys that love playing with it.
• A minimalist will need a sewing kit and a safety pin.
• A man will need a knife, so try a Leatherman or a Swiss army knife.
• You might need to repair some things, so go with duct tape.
• Bin liner will help you to spread your wet clothes and to cover during the rainy day.
• Pen, dairy, and paper. You need your money belt or travel wallet too.
• Don/t ignore the importance of waterproof bag for covering things
• Tea bags will give you a taste of home while you may need a marmite if you like it.
We have been on what to pack. We can’t forget that there are some things you should not go with you. Check this list for the things you should not pack.
• Travel pants; nobody wears it at home! So why do you want to wear it out when on your trip?
• Packing cubes; they are nice to think of but have you considered the kind of space they do take? The more unnecessary things you carry, the more you will be charged.
• Money belt; they are uncomfortable to travel with, and if you happen to meet the bad guys, they know all about travel belt even more than you do. So why wouldn’t you do the transfer through the bank and travel safely? If you must go with anything in that area, go with a dummy wallet instead.
• Hiking boots must not go with you unless you hike a lot. Even if you are a hiker, if you don’t have the intention of going hiking, don’t carry it along. They are very heavy and can take much space. For the occasional hike, use normal walking shoes. That will save space and stress too.
• You don’t need a voltage converter. They are bulky and can take much space. Use gadgets that can suit every country voltage instead.
• Don’t travel with a disposable razor and a shaving cream. You might not get to dispose of all the time, and that will constitute many problems.
• If you know that your hair products can be bought anywhere in the world, you don’t need to travel with them. Just buy from the place you are going to.
Some backpacks are not convenient for traveling. That is why we want to list out some that you may try backpacking with.
• The first one is the internal-frame backpacks. They are made to incorporate different load-support devices. These load-support technology transfers load to the hips. They have body-hugging inside frame packs to keep you steady on rough terrain.
• The external-frame backpacks may be the best choice if you are packing heavy and irregular load. They offer well-ventilated spaces with many organization options.
• Another backpack is the frameless backpacks. It is always the choice of many frameless hikers who like to hike light and fast. Climbers who need to remove the frame for weight reduction like it too!
• Some backpacks are made to have enough ventilation. They have a large back panel which combats sweaty-back so that you will have an inside frame pack riding against your back. You can call it a “tension-mesh suspension” and the “ventilation chimneys.” The design is like a trampoline with a frame that supports the pack bag. The frame is some inches away so that it doesn’t rest against your back but gives a breathable space.
How to pack easy?
Now that we have listed out the bare necessities for your travel, you may want to know how to pack all in a bag or a suitcase. So many ways are available for packing easily so that the necessities can go in a suitcase or a bag for maximum space. The good arrangement will help you reduce creasing or wrinkling.
• To pack easy: Minimize what you are taking as a minimalist will do. Select again removing the unnecessary. Business trips and wedding trips will need inclusion of the garment bag. But when you’re not going to face meetings and other significant occasions, there is no reason for not fixing the items of clothing in a portable bag, a rolling briefcase with a backpack for your laptop.
• Pack for a week: Don’t go packing for a whole year because you want to spend a few weeks. There are washing machines in standard hotels. Alternatively, you can get a nearby dry cleaner instead of wasting the space packing much nonsense. A pair of good jeans can take you till the tenth use. So pack that kind of clothes so that you won’t be subjected to continuous washing.
• Different ways of packing the briefcase to create enough space for all you need are as follows; flat, layering, balling, rolling or stacking. The least of all the packing methods is stack folding clothes one after the other. It can take space!
 Shoes will go in first at the bottom of the briefcase. Make sure each has enough of the socks so that you won’t need to pack the stuff again! Also, another advantage is that the shoes will not get crushed but will maximize space. Don’t forget to place the shoes in a rubber bag to avoid staining the items on top.
 The next to pack will be the toiletry bag without the liquid zip-locked bag. Put the toiletry case at the base close to the rolling wheels of the suitcase to prevent crushing of your clothes by more substantial items.
 Lay the dress pants or jeans fold very tight at the crease or the seam. You can stuff the things in the areas close to the shoes to retract handle. Then form three rectangular spaces and rolls in your shorts if you brought any into the spaces created by the bigger shoes and pants.
 Use smaller items to stick into any space that can accommodate them. Like singlet, boxers and any other thing that is small. Then roll up t-shirts and use them to create an even layer. This will press the folded shirts which you will lay on top. Fill the second layer with rolled underwear. This will form nice layers near the base parts of your suitcase.
 Stack button-down shirts with one on the other and press tightly. This will prevent the wrinkles that would arise as you roll the case.
 Bring along a garbage bag for separating the dirty ones from the neat ones. Sometimes it gets tricky doing that, and that will lead to everything turning bad at the same time. Try to layer the dirty ones at the bottom and then cover with the flattened garbage bag, and the clean ones will be in piles over them.
 Wear sweatshirts and jackets on to save spaces. If there are leftover spaces to use in the backpack, they can serve as cushioning for electrical devices you are traveling with.
At the airport, people are asked to unpack and repack one after the other. If you are carrying much, you will be forced to drop some. Is this what you want? Packing light will save you from this!
Imagine the time you will wastes emptying a bulky bag and repacking again. That is a mess. Once your packages tally with the normal weight expected of you, you will be checked silently without much time lost. They will also charge less for a checked bag. You will feel superior when you see other travelers pulling their gargantuan cases down the airport passageway.
You won’t have anything to lose by careless handlers. Your things are intact. You will enjoy enough of your space without extra charges.
That is it! These are the primary necessities of life with which you will never feel bad. Go through this packing list and ensure that you have all it takes to embark on this journey. The list will guide you because with this comprehensive list you can’t forget something important in your trip. It might look big, but you may choose what you need and leave the rest. In your first week, try to discard what you don’t need to reduce bulk. If they are still good, go out and donate them to the needy. They are everywhere! We want to help you to make your away from home cozy and chic. That is why it is known as backpacking.