For female travelers, a packing list is an essential thing in their travel plan. You know the merits of a nice travel packing list. Some of them who are not professional travelers usually find packing hard. To know which item to add to the packing list for their journey needs professionalism. However, for professional and frequent travelers, a packing list is part of them. They wouldn’t find difficulties packing what they need for their trip. They know about the ultimate guide to travel packing list for her. Moreover, they can’t do without it! To help you find what should be in the pack or what you shouldn’t add to your massive load for your traveling, here are basic guidelines to packing for her. Thanks for your anticipated cooperation!
This is a packing list made to suit the basic needs of any female traveler on any trip. If you follow the guidelines, you won’t miss out on anything, but the issue is that the packing list is formed on a general basis. It is now left for every female to choose items from this list based on their personal demands. Before selecting the things to pack for your trip, you should consider those things that are on the top of your scale of preference. For instance,
Country you are traveling to
Every country has their packing list. You would consider the place you are going to before you select the things on any list though this list is a comprehensive list of all the countries of the world.
The time span, of your journey;
Let your backpacking be organized and compressed with a packing cube because the expedition is not going to last for decades. You can pack like a minimalist. Ensure you don’t pack everything because they are on this list. Pack according to your priority. It matters a lot.
Are you traveling for fun or work? If you are taking this trip for work, you have to get the necessary items needed for the job. You should put your working equipment into consideration before any other personal thing. You can reduce your personal belongings and not the working tools or else you may be disorganized and stranded. If your works require laptops, you must go with it although there are alternatives to the bulky load. Your phone is vital. Different phones now work internationally, or at least they can be activated immediately you are in another country. A Smartphone is specifically preferable because of its broad utility. Make sure to get a USB cable and a wall charger in case the battery runs down. Many ladies prefer using tablets which can do the work of a laptop and phone for light packing purposes. The only disadvantage to that is that tablet might not be very cheap.
Women are extravagant in packing due to their nature. So it is not always easy for them to understand what they should not travel with. A minimalist will go with a bag which contains all vital items only. So if you can learn a minimalist way of leaving, you will be able to pack light through the list of the item here. The best way to pack is taking just a few!
The authorized weight
Many air agencies will not allow anything that is more than their authorized weight. So once you are carrying bulky, weighty items, you may not be allowed on board the plane. Through this list, you will find alternatives to bulky loads. So consider leaving most of them behind because if it is not in line with the allowable weight of the travel agency, you’ll pay excessively or asked to cancel out.
Toiletries; liquid or solid
Packing solid item as in toiletries is preferable to liquid because they can be in the bag without notice. They don’t add much weight. You can mistakenly pour the liquid and spoil other items. So get most of your toiletries in solid form for packing light.
Health issues
The next thing to consider before packing is your health condition. Most travelers are using drugs. They can’t travel without them. Get your health specialist involved for a comprehensive list of your medical kit. We have general items that must be in a medical kit; they are general necessities only.
Choice of clothing;
Women love dressing chic everywhere they go! The items of clothing will depend on the climatic condition of the place you’re traveling to. If it is a cold climate, you should choose your clothing list based on that. Then if you are going for fun, your choice of clothing will be light and fanciful. In every occasion, don’t over pack!
Economic condition and your wallet
The cost of the travel should be previewed on time depending on the economy of the place. So many places around the world are too expensive. Whenever you’re traveling to those places, fill your wallet otherwise you may be stranded. Also, carry everything that will make your stay easier.
Security of the place
How safe the zone is will help you to choose what to pack. Places with notorious characters are not suitable for your valuables. Anything that is costly needs an insurance cover against losses.
Bare Necessities
There are things you need to pack to your destination. Ensure you packed those things because they are important.
What you should pack depends on the particular place you are going to. There is a list for packing whenever you are going to any country. If you use it, you will know what you should pack and what you shouldn’t pack. This list is however comprehensive to guide you. It all depends on you!
The terrain of the place will determine the type of shoes, clothes and other personal belongings you should pack. For instance, get good and sturdy shoes to enable you to run and work. It will give you comfort, hold up to use and be cost-efficient.
The backpack to use
Backpack: a nice backpack is something that can never be overemphasized. A backpack is something you used to pack whatever you get on the way when traveling. So when trying to choose a backpack, endeavor to pick one which is strong (produced with the nice material) and waterproof in case of rain. Before picking a backpack, also make sure it is convenient enough for use. We will still give you some backpacks for you to choose from.
The internal-frame backpack incorporates with the different load-support device. The load-support technology transfers weight to your hips. They feature a body-hugging inner frame pack for stability on rough terrain.
The external-frame backpack is for packing heavy and irregular load. They allow well-ventilated spaces with organization options.
• The frameless backpacks are for hikers who hike light and fast. Climbers like it too!
• A “tension-mesh suspension” and a “ventilation chimneys” are like a trampoline with a frame that supports the packing bag. The frame is inches away so that there will be a breathable space.
What to pack
Now that we have the things a female traveler should consider before traveling, we want to get the list of what to pack.
Daypack or travel purse
The first thing women need to pack is a handbag or a purse. Make sure to take your handbag or any other means of identification along with you, for example, a drivers license, state ID card, student id card are preferable, plus your traveling passport. It is one of the basic needs of your travel wardrobe. It goes where a woman goes. Some women prefer Pac safe city safe gii200 bag for the safety of their items. The contents are;
• Passport: get an additional passport in case you’ll need a substitute at some point. A passport card may not be necessary for air travel it is another means of identification.
• Credit cards and cash. Visa master card should be with you. Inform your credit card authority before traveling for authentication and identification during shopping or withdrawal. Go with extra cash.
• Travel documents: you can travel with any other traveling documents you have. These traveling documents may be in the form of plane and train tickets passes; international drivers permit rental agreement, senior card, health insurance card, contact number, necessary travel visas, and extra photos for extra visas.
• Guidebook, map app, and map: you can also choose to travel with the map of the country you are traveling to especially if it is a foreign country. The map could help you in case you are finding difficulty in understanding the language of the country you are traveling to. It is also advisable to travel with one or two maps of the different country.
• A bit of the local currencies of some of the places you might get to. You might need to get something urgently. You can get later.
• International certificate showing your vaccination record.
• Notebook, small notebook, writing instrument or journal: are essential to travel with because you can use them to write information like trip information, addresses of places. Series of ballpoint, a pencil, and a sharpener. You can record information about your trip. Travel journal, stick a card with glue to fix cards and other things to your travel journal is vital.
• Your international driving license and a regular driving license are essential in case you may want to rent a car abroad.
• Emergency phone contacts of important people including the embassy in each country, your next of kin and the number and addresses of the hotel you booked in case you get lost. You should also have a list of contacts of your friends and all local contacts involved. Tourist offices and anyone that is important in your journey.
• The copies of important papers through e-mail, printed or on a stick should be in the pack. You have the original copies somewhere else for security.
• The postcard of your originality: A couple of family photos, including your pets. You can show it to some friends you might get on your way.
• First aid box checklist with prescribed medicine: if you have any medication, that you have been using don’t forget to go along with it. A doctor must prescribe the medicine. Your medical kit must contain the following items; antiseptic hand wash, antiseptic cream, antiseptic wipes, a needle, bandages, safety pins as well as plasters. Don’t forget to add antacid for constipation issues, antidiarrhoeals, ibuprofen or paracetamol. Some places abroad have cases of hay fever; you may not know this! So to be on the safe side, get antihistamines. Inhalers are needed by asthmatic patients, while oral rehydration sachets are important too.
Comfortable travel clothes
• Business clothing and casual clothing. Packing clothing depends on the reason for the trip. Pack a complete suit for business outings. Although it takes too much space. So don’t forget to pack things that fit the suit you bought. Good button-up polo shirt and nice baggy will be good for people you if you might visit resorts, upscale areas, museums, eateries, and some tourist centers.
• Additional normal clothing: it is advisable to get at least three normal t-shirts or underwear’s, two pairs of pants, and four sets of underwear and socks. Get clothes that will air dry easily. Cotton material loses their texture when dried out. Go for nylon materials. Long sleeve tops will protect you against flies. Fleece will help at night while hoodies will protect you when it rains.
• Comfortable, well fitting and good looking clothes will be useful to you. If you want to pack like a minimalist, pack more tops; decide to get long skin tops because you can easily turn over the tops. Two pairs of comfortable drying underwear or more will be okay.
• Comfortable skirts: jean skirts or rubber skirts is preferable because it is strong and free enough to withstand some problems you might encounter during your journey. The only disadvantage is that they will not dry easily when after washing. However, you can wear them for at least ten days before washing if you want.
• Light jacket: thick jackets are not recommended for vacation. You can use a light fleece jacket which can withstand changes in temperature and winds.
• Heavy jacket: the jacket you will take depends on where, when and the weather of the place you are traveling to. A heavy jacket is preferable for cold regions.
• Get cold weather clothes, thermal underwear, or anything that is warmer for cold zones. Your clothing depends on where to and what is taking you there. Whatever you pick from your wardrobe should be what you want. If where you are traveling to areas sells cheap clothing, pick a few and buy some there
Other clothing accessories
• a nice pair of underwear,
• some pants,
• two pairs of travel bras especially sports bras,
• Bathing suits and swimsuits: places like Norway doesn’t need swimsuits while places with sun and sand, need swimsuits. It’s better to go for convenience not fancy. Europeans swimsuits are different from the United States; the design wouldn’t be a problem.
• washable pants that are wrinkle free
• trousers with sippers to convert it into shorts if there is the need for that
• And any other clothing materials you feel you are going to need in the course of your journey. The less you get, the better off you will be in the aspects of essentials.
• shorts are good if you don’t like pants with the zippers
• Wrinkle-free skirts and blouses with either short sleeves or long sleeves that are washable.
• Two pairs of socks with one light and the other heavy and a pair of hiking sandals. Walking shoes are advisable too.
• You may buy sarong on the way because it is great for a bathrobe, sheet or towel.
• Large rubber poncho, and light waterproof.
• Decorative scarves, and bandanna or headbands for cooling off during the summer heat. People can wet and wear it. Add compression bags or packing cubes. Scarf: can be as a muffler to breathe through when the weather is cold and can also serve as a windbreak. If you don’t want to pack one for yourself, you can decide to get one when you arrive at your destination.
• Shoes and sandals an extra pair of flat shoe is going to be helpful. This joined with the ones you put on at the airport is sufficient. You may decide to choose dress shoes, hiking shoes, or other spectacular foot wears depending on the conditions of your trip. Don’t forget to put a pair of sandal. It will help in sandy regions and a place where the weather is hot or warm.
• Wide brim hat: this is for locations with high temperature. It will protect you from the sun rays.
• Gloves are useful if you’re traveling to places with high relative humidity and rainfall.
• Umbrella: endeavor to pack umbrella that is compactable with your bag.
• Washing items: like detergent and soap can be of use when you need to wash clothes.
Personal health issues
When you’re embarking on a long trip, your health issue comes first. Therefore include a list of hygienic and health-related items like medicine, first aid, and toiletries. Using a day pack will make you carry them easily in the course of your journey.
Over the counter medicines like aspirin-acetaminophen, ibuprofen is suggested for the trip. You can pack medicines for nausea, diarrhea, and motion sickness if you don’t have health issues. A nice multivitamin, fish oil pills and things you use to keep your nutrition and disposition is good too. You can pack mood improver and some melatonin, for healthy sleep.
• First aid kit: everyone packs according to personal needs. However, it should include anesthetic spray, bandages, scissors, methylated spirit and antibiotic gel in case of accident or injury. For minor wounds like grazes, bites, cuts or scrape, let there be band-aids, bandages, gauze pads with antihistamine cream. Also, pack sterile pack for use against blood-borne infections. Pack antiseptics for washing of hand, cleaning of wounds, and eyewash for the entrance of foreign objects. Diseases afflicting you are doctor’s issues.
• Toiletries: bar soap, nail clippers, shaving bit, and shampoo are suggested. Make sure you don’t forget your comb and toiletry kit of a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and perfume. You may think you don’t need them. However, you will need to look refreshed after your trip, and before dinner in a good eatery. Sunscreen cream is important. Suntan with aloe-Vera will soothe the skin if burnt. Cotton bud, funnel and sink plug is also needed. Get insect repellents, bite cream, comb, and tweezers. The towel is a nice towel or washcloth is always essential for your trip. Less expensive hotels might not give you these items. A backpack towel won’t take much of your space. Tissues papers are produced for a purpose. Get a pack of it for great help anytime. Don’t forget your sanitary pads, menstrual cup or tampons!
Facial and hair care
A facial moisturizer that contains SPF will keep your face young and wrinkle-free. This is the secret behind the young face and shiny skin. You may spend most of the time under the sun when working so use a facial scrub in the morning to keep the face moisturized. A Philips razorblade is compact and portable for your facial hairs if you need it. It can match to all voltages. What you need for it is a small socket adapter to reduce your pack budget. Get other facial products you use, they are important.
Recreation and gadgets
The recreational, as well as fun gadgets, can spice up your trip. Make sure you pack them to aid you. It makes you experience a memorable vacation. Don’t forget to go with the chargers too.
What to pack:
• GPS: your phone has a built-in GPS which will help you with the data of where you are traveling to. A GPS preloaded with recent maps can also be of help.
• Mp3 players are also important for your leisure to get it and don’t forget to go with some batteries, about eight GB memory card, tripod, films, and cables too.
• You need your notebook and let the battery be rechargeable for longer use and comfort. Solar chargers are preferable for phones. And you can get a USB stick which is about 8 GB. You check the kind of plug adapter suitable ahead of time to avoid mistakes. Then get ahead or hand touch. You will need it!
• An alarm is necessary for women. You can make it an alarm clock. However, it is a must. A cheap digital Casio wrist watch is advisable when you are getting your stuff in! Don’t think of going without it.
• A set of Panasonic ear headphones.
• Mac book, Sony mirrors fewer cameras, a compatible power splitter, and a power converter.
• Anker iPhone lightning cables
• Anker mini portable charger.
Eating utensils
Consider going with the following utensils which can cut into your wallet if you are traveling without them. Brew your coffee, take a breakfast of oatmeal and take tap water on a daily basis. Get an Aero press for your coffee because it is compact. It features a carry case which makes it perfect for your travels. Use a reusable utensil for your everyday breakfast.
There are some here for you.
• A compact set of travel utensil. If you are dieting, don’t forget to take those special products. Take snacks and drinking a bottle of water too.
• Foldable water bottles and water filtration device in case the tap water is poor for drinking. Water in a different destination can cause stomach imbalance. Due to microorganisms which are disease carriers.
• coffee filter and a tea bag for your tea
• Other necessities that will make your journey a memorable one are highly recommended for your trip. Don’t ignore them! They are;
• A sewing kit: like scissors, needle, thread, buttons, and safety pin. They will help you sow damaged clothes during your trip.
• Water bottle: can help you to filter and purify water.
• Universal sink stopper: make sure you include it because it’s going to be useful.
• Sunscreen for the beach: is recommended if you want to visit a beach. Extra glasses or contact lenses are vital when you are traveling to a high-temperature zone. It protects your eyes sun from sun rays. Also, make sure to pack eyeglasses cleaning and repairing materials in case of any repair. Sunglasses are needed during hot climate; sun rays can cause problems when you’re driving a rental car.
• Sleeping items: don’t forget your sleeping items, an eye mask in case of cold, earplugs, and travel blanket in case of cold too and an inflatable pillow.
• Small plastic bag: get sealable plastic bag either a zip lock or any bags for your liquid items, and they look beautiful.
• Insect repellant: you might want to use it if you travel along with it. Look for a little, watery brand and put in your bag
• Don’t forget to go with light books and magazines. A minimalist will need a safety pin and a duct tape. Bin liner can help you spread wet clothes and on a rainy day.
What not to pack
We can’t forget to tell you that there are some things you shouldn’t go with you. Check the list below for the things you should not pack.
• Travel pants; do you wear it anyhow at home? Why do you want to take it out with your on the trip?
• Packing cubes; is nice but have you checked the kind of space they occupy? If you can’t carry it easily, you packed more than is necessary. The more you carry, the more you will be charged.
• Money belt; they are not comfortable to travel with as usual, and if you meet the bad boys, they know where to find it. They know about it more than you do. So think of transferring through your bank and travel safely. And if you must travel with anything like that, go with a dummy wallet instead.
• Hiking boots are too heavy and can take a lot of your valuable space. Even if you are a hiker and you don’t have the intention of hiking, don’t go with it. They can be very cumbersome. For your occasional hiking, use normal walking shoes. It will save you from stress too.
• You should not think of a voltage converter. They are not compact! They can take much space. Use gadgets that will suit every country’s voltage instead.
• Don’t go traveling with disposable razors. You may not know where to dispose of them all the time which will constitute many problems.
• If your hair products are sold everywhere in the world, you don’t need to go with them. Buy them from the place you are going to.
• A digital camera is not compulsory for your trip. It depends on the capacity of the phone camera. Many ladies claim that the iPad and the camera are vital. They can’t leave it out of their parking lot. In these days of high classed technology, the mini-laptops are the most popular because of what they do for them. Make sure there is insurance cover over items that are very costly.
For shorter trips, don’t carry your laptop. An iPad, Smartphone or tablet can replace the laptop even if your reason for carrying them is for communication purposes, these gadgets can serve better.
How to pack easy
We have a general list of the necessities for your trip; the next thing is to know how you can pack them in the bag or suitcase. The best arrangement will help to reduce wrinkling. Now follow this guideline for packing the backpack!
• For you to pack light, minimize everything you are taking like the minimalist will do. Select once again by removing the bulk to the best minimum. Trips for business or wedding trips needs inclusion of a garment bag, in a situation where you are not going for meetings or other grand occasions, there won’t be the reason for fixing the clothing in a large bag, use a briefcase or a backpack for the laptop.
• Don’t pack for a year because you want to spend a few weeks. Pack for a week. There might be washing machines in standard hotels. You can also go to a dry cleaner for washing your clothes
• Instead of packing many clothes for the journey.
Pack some pairs of jeans. A pair of good ones can last for some time unlike other items of clothing. So you won’t be subjected to constant washing.
• Ways of packing to create space for all your items are as follows; flat, layering, balling, rolling or stacking. Don’t go stack packing because it can take space like hall!
Steps to packing
Let the shoes go in at the base of the suitcase. Make sure there is enough space for the socks so you won’t have to pack the socks again! This way, the shoes will not have to stay uncrushed. A plastic bag is essential in this case so that the shoes will not stain the items on top.
The next item to pack is the toiletry bag. Don’t pack it with the zip-locked bag with the liquids. Pack the toiletry bag at the bottom of the case close to the rolling wheels. As the briefcase rolls, there won’t be any crushing of the clothes by the heavier things.
Lay your dresses, pants or jeans. Then fold them very tightly at the crease or the seam. You can put the items in the places nearer to the shoes to retract handle. Form three rectangular spaces and fold in your skirts. Let them occupy the spaces created by the bigger shoes and jeans.
Use small items to stick into any other space that could accommodate them. Things like singlet, boxers and other little things like trinket boxes will fill the vacuum. Then fold up the t-shirts using them to create a layer. They will press down the folded shirts which you will lay on top. Fill the second layer with rolled underwear. This will form nice layers near the base parts of your suitcase.
If you stack the button-down shirts on top of each other in an orderly manner, they will press tightly. There won’t be wrinkles as you roll the case.
A garbage bag will be good for separating the dirty item from the clean ones. This is because it can get tricky sometimes and lead to everything smelling bad at a time. Try to lay the dirty items at the base of the case and then cover it with the flat garbage bag. Lay the clean ones in piles over them.
If you wear sweatshirts and jackets, they will save you some spaces. Put any electrical device into any leftover spaces. They can serve as cushions for them,
Benefits for packing light
There are some benefits to packing in a minimalist way. You will be free from airport jungle. Do you know what I mean? At the airport, you will be asked to unpack and then repack one after the other. Carrying much will lead to embarrassment when you are forced to drop some. Do you want that? Packing light better than this! It is also time-saving! You won’t waste time emptying a bulky bag to repack again. That will be a mess. Once the weight of your pack tallies with the acceptable weight, you will be checked in silently without time lost. They will also moderately for a checked bag. You will feel big when you see ignorant travelers pulling their gigantic cases down the passageway. You won’t have anything to lose to careless handlers or thieves. Your properties are intact. You will like the space and can use it without extra charges. However, don’t forget to take your keys because I wouldn’t like it if you are locked outside when you come home!
The lesser you pack, the more comfortable you become. Also, remember that you are on your own so don’t risk your valuables. Dressing chic and modest is generally acceptable anywhere. So it is not all about following a dressing code; it is more than that. Get all the necessities of life with you so that you will not feel bad. Go through this packing list and ensure that you have all it takes to embark on this journey. Comfortable clothes and shoes can make your day out there! If you are unable to carry your bag, you are not a minimalist at heart! Packing much can weigh you down and make you lose the pleasure. Pick the needed technology and ignore other. Don’t take too much food because street food sometimes is the best. Take your first aid box for eventualities like homesickness and don’t carry much makeup. Leave your hair dryer at home it is a bulky load. Don’t plan things excessively as it will unwrap itself as you go. The list will help you! It is a comprehensive list, and you can’t forget anything important. It may look big, but you can choose what you need leaving the rest. Try to discard what you can to reduce bulk. If they are still good, give them out to the needy. You can be happier that way! We want to help you to make your away from home cozy and chic.