Long travels need packing light! Yet, you must make sure that you are not leaving the vital things behind! That is the most embarrassing moment in anyone’s life! It once happened to me, and I swear it won’t happen again! You don’t need such an experience because it’s quite disgusting! That’s the reason for this comprehensive backpacking packing list. It will guide you in selecting the best items to go with and the unnecessary ones you wouldn’t need as you go traveling.
Why is this packing list the best?
There is nothing like the best packing list! There are many lists out there that can help you to decide on what you want depending on the type of travel you have in mind. The best one is the one you choose personally to suit your needs. We will only make sure that you don’t go for what is not needed. So we can’t say that ‘this is the best packing list’ until you decide the best for you. Therefore read most of these lists and be the best judge for yourself.
How do you choose what to go with or what to leave behind when you are backpacking for some months?
Choosing what to pack in your bag for a trip is the most trying period of a traveler’s life. You can get confused and end up not going with the bare necessities! Many who experienced this vowed not to make such mistakes again. That is why this guide to backpacking packing for him! It will guide you to pack right whenever you are going for a trip. Follow the guide and don’t ignore anything. But before you choose the best things to pack as you are traveling, there are some things you should consider. Here are some lists of what you should look at before you start off!
Long or short term traveling
You have to consider the duration of the journey. If it is long term, you are packing a lot, my dear! But it must be on a minimalist basis. If it is for a short duration, you can still pack on a minimalist basis but more minimized than when you are on long traveling. No matter the duration, I will implore you to pack for a week. The place you are going to is not a place of monsters! They are only but human so you can get some of the things on your journey. If you pack for a week, you can always wash some of your used items for a reuse.
Purpose of traveling
The reason for the traveling should be another ultimate guide to backpacking packing list. For instance, if it is based on work, you are to pack the items which you can’t do without first before considering any other thing. You can’t afford to get stranded because you packed more personal items without the vital ones you needed for the job.
Smartphone versus laptop versus tablet
You have all these three above! Are you going to go with all of them or are you going to choose one? What does your job require? Pack the one that will help you all the time and keep the one that has alternatives out there. For instance, since your Smartphone does many things, regarding communication and even to visit some websites for jobs, browsing, taking photos, you can take it along, but it is not the most convenient choice. Can you try carrying your laptop? This is also unnecessary? Many of us tried it, but it is just too bulky for your comfort? Laptop with tablet and Smartphone which do you choose? The majority of people with Smartphone are numerous. You might also contain a laptop and tablet. You know how to make do through just a Smartphone and infrequent trip in the direction of an internet coffee bar; we’ve completed it except it was distant from suitable. After that, another one is transporting (three-five) KG of laptop approximately can as well be superfluous. We think medication is the series last longer than a laptop or Smartphone, wonderful finding the middle ground, you know how to typography comparatively without difficulty and controlling pictures and videotape at a necessary stage is also probable and Skype mechanism fine. Yet, if you were obsessed toward your processor, you might fail to notice the suppleness. This may be the hardest deliberate to resolve. It will approach down to the individual condition, and my most excellent suggestion is to attach by means of what you’ve got- don’t pay out seven hundred dollars of your journey cash on an iPad if you previously contain a laptop, use it on the journey!

If you are captivating far above the ground cost electronics through you, a number of assurance companies perform did not protect them in the same way as accepted. We establish it out of the solid method as soon as our iPod stroke detonated when accusing. This disburses to contain assurance with the purpose of unquestionably coat such belongings. The most excellent business we hold creates on the planet wanderers – they still cover exciting activity exercise instructions. The good thing you can search out is five percent rotten the earth travelers using our limited clip system provisions five. The best option tested okay by all is the use of a tablet. They are the best compromise of it all. The battery can last for more extended hours than that of a Smartphone or a laptop. Other advantages are that you can type with it and still use it to edit photos. They can help you to edit video at the fundamental level, and Skype functions well with it. Although it might not be as flexible as your computer! Is it not for some time? This is the most challenging debate to handle. It will take your help to handle it because your personal circumstances will decide on the choice you will make here. Don’t go buying a tablet if you don’t have any.
Should I use liquid or solid conditioner and shampoo for my hair over there?
It is better to carry solid than liquid because the liquid content can get mishandled and pour away. It is also heavy to carry than the solid. The acceptable weight is about five kilogram and so many liquid contents can offset the weight. Solids will even disappear in the bag without notice.
“Carry on only” or “checked bags”
Many travelers think to carry on only is good to go with. This is because most airlines are reducing their carry on allowable to five kg with accessories and a laptop only. Carry on only is not easy. You need to do it with much help. Some disadvantages of carrying on only are that you may need a small backpack. Then make sure you go with solid things because liquids will add to the weight. Carry on only will expose you to airport juggle where you will have to bring everything out for checking. If you have much of the items, you may be questioned and forced to leave some behind. Another demerit is that what you are carrying might not be enough for you.
There are some challenges you will face with carrying on only, such as:
 You will need smaller backpacks (if you have previously had backpacks, so to start buying new backpack will be hard on you or expensive, but if you are just starting to pack your thing then get a smaller backpack)
 Don’t go with liquids over a hundred ml or aerosols. Generally, it is not that easy to attain your aim, it only makes you think and plan and also you need money more in this situation to get the products we are thinking about. Products like solid sunscreen, bug spray, hair spray, etc., are very hard and difficult to get in solid form. You can even refer to it as impossible.
 The airport juggles. You must know that you will take out all the accessories inside your bag and carry them to pass through the securities at the airport, they must be separated items. You will be answering question often and on, because of the too much load you are caring, so you will have to formulate a story to back you up and make them fully understand why you need such stuff by doing the rules and regulations of the airline carefully and properly to avoid being forced to open your baggage and bring checked anyway.
 You can be simple and have less stuff to carry. This idea may seem to be a pro than being a con but do you think 5kg stuff will be enough for you? It is easy to carry, no questioning at the airport, no suspicious looks, no stress, no worries, very flexible and light but are you sure that all your personal belongings are in it? You might not want to take a 30kg bag with you because no one needs or likes heavy loads, but my advice is that you make sure to take everything you will need over there.
There are many backpacks for you to make your choice!
 The troubles every new traveler would face are since they haven’t traveled before and there don’t have the idea of traveling, the options would be too much. They won’t know whether to choose a big backpack or smaller ones. Their list will be endless so as the page of selecting. This is really amazing because companies that sell their stuff through online hardly ever tell you how to choose or the right backpack to select for your traveling, they only list out their option and features and allow you to make your choice all by yourself.
 If you eventually should find yourself after two months in a monsoon season mountaineering along the jungle of Borneo and the backpack you are carrying is heavy for you can just drop it and wheel it, it will be very much convenient than carrying it at your back because you bought the backpack that doesn’t have a wheel. Don’t roll your backpack wheel through the mud. This is a tremendous sample, which I gave to you for you to also think about this side. What is trying to say is that is common that first-time backpacker’s buy backpacks that are ok for their trip but not perfect for them.
What type of backpacker are you?
There are four basic categories of backpacks for traveling abroad. Anyone you found out you need to rely on the type of style you personally like to travel with. And then you need to check the kind of traveler you are from the category of bag you like. When you have discovered it, then you know that it will be easy for you to make your choice.
Here are some travels a traveler will need to choose a bag for and the type of bag you will choose for it.
• Every day/civilization traveler: this class is excellent and will suit every new and first-time traveler and also people who have been traveling for a very long time. You will generally travel to populated countries or areas and no longer going into the wilderness for a long time or period. You will need a bag with space where you will pack some of your basic house comforts in so that you can go with it but remember that you aren’t going to bring a kitchen sink with you. The type of bag that will suit this is fifty to eighty-liter backpacks. This backpack must typically have zipped around the front to make it very easy to have access to the bag and would not have to bring out everything before you collect one particular thing.
• It has good size and will contain many of the things you want to take.
• You will get heavy carrying that kind of bag that your stuff is in, on your back

Light and simple traveler
This type is meant for travelers that are with the least amount. You will need to stick to a smaller pack, and you can use “carry-on only” so that you will save yourself from too much questioning and also save your time and money from the airline. Your backpack should be very light and small enough to make people wonder and also save you from a backache. Also note that you can add up another thing to your backpack like a handbag or a shoulder bag, a camera bag and also a laptop bag (this is if you can’t be able to bear leaving your computer in your house) with you in the airplane. This makes you very flexible and it is very easy to carry, am sure you should remember this, if you are carrying your electronics out in a way everybody is seeing it or everyone knows what you are carrying, just think of yourself as an aim of crime (thief will want to steal it from you) or the rain will also target you. The type of bag that you will need for this type of journey is thirty to fifty-liter backpacks mainly for traveling. These backpacks come with an attached daypack, and the attached daypacks are not included to the carry on the big sized part of the backpack.
• Small load, and not too heavy to carry
• You won’t pay for luggage or wait for your load to be checked or collect your bag at the airline.
• It backpack can fit racks that are over the head in busses, and you don’t have to fear that your bag would be stolen if you put it under the bus chair while you fall asleep.
• You might forget useful stuff on the process of taking the small thing with you
• You cannot take with you some certain thing that you may need to go with into the plane like- huge shampoo, suntan cream, penknife, or aerosol cans.
Comfort traveler
If you are one who loves your house comfort or you traveling and you want to go with twenty different outfits, but you don’t like carrying weighty backpack then. Here is the type of bag that will suit you and your category. If you think you can’t travel anymore without your hair straighteners and three other bottles of a product like perfume and then count yourself as a comfort traveler. Also if you are injured at your back, or you want to go to buy a backpack for the nearest future use, and you are even thinking of a way to get the one that won’t stress you during the journey, you are indeed a comfort traveler. The type of bag you will need for comfort is a backpack with wheels! They have numerous sizes, it is now left for
• The wheel would climb the high places, and it won’t stress you into lifting the heavy bags because it would just roll and pass it.
• It can also be carried as a backpack when it seems the path or road is not good to roll the bag on.
• When the bag is empty without loads inside it tends to be heavier than an olden days backpack. And any time you want to hang it on your back, it is cumbersome as can be.
• The comfort you are seeking for will totally disappear once you hang it on your back; instead you will have a backache. And that is pains instead of pleasure.
Adventure hiker or traveler
Are you one of those who that are heading off to a beating path or trekking on the pathway without minding the kind of condition whether is then think of yourself as an adventure traveler. Carrying a backpack and trekking for a long distance could be a tough thing. You will need to carry a very light bag, but it will be big enough to contain everything you will need in the desert for survival. You must keep your instruments ready and protected from the other elements. The type of bag you will need for this type of journey is all weather and an all-terrain backpack. This is the top backpacks that have much of utility plus ones. They can be regularly used for traveling, and it is a perfect alternative for you that is if you should like its style of design.
• It is comfortable for you to hang for a very long time, and it is specially made for the wilderness
• They are waterproof and rugged, that is if you should find the high quality and good category ones.
• Due to the fact that it is specialized on, it is always too expensive more than the normal and standard backpack.
• It complicates you in countries or areas you travel to without any cause.
Two top lovely standard backpacks we produced:
(1). Osprey fair point seventy backpacks:
 The osprey-fair-point-seventy backpack is high category option and lightweight.
 It is perfect in size and modernized to fits you.
 It features a sternum/lumbar support.
 It also has a mesh that will make you not to have sweats on your back.

(2). Osprey fifty-five liter:
 If the seventy-liter bag is too big for you, then you can try fifty-five liter too.
 It still has daypack attached to it and also has all the wonderful features the first one has, but it is smaller than the other.
 It is normally small and simple for you to enter the cabinet of the plane with it. But it is a kind of borderline with airlines.
 There is also osprey waypoint sixty five liter pack.
 These are some favorite carry- on only size backpacks
(3). Osprey-Fair-Point 40:
 This is a long lasting durable pack
 It has density straps that were built on it to assist you.
 It can reduce the space usage in the luggage.
 Osprey Fair-Point 40 may be higher in price but of good quality.
(4). Cabin Zero:
 It is specifically made for Ryanair and easy jet cabin.
 It is an urban backpack style and it is different from others.
 Its capacity or space is 44 liters.
 This backpack has a front opening to make it very easy for you to access;
 It was made in global luggage tracker and was powered by Mr. Okoban.
 Cabin zero is a ten years warranty.
(5). Osprey Fair-Point 55 at the top is a big man in carry-on backpacks.
 It has an integrated daypack attached to it.
 It portable and can get into the cabin on the airplane.
(6). Another special carry-on backpack is Ebag mother lode 22 inches.
 It has the same size as cabin baggage.
 It is very portable and flexible
These are some favorite carry- on only size backpacks
 The best backpack with size forty liter pack and has a weight that could be smaller than three pounds is the osprey FairPoint 40. This is high in quality and category, a long lasting durable pack and also has density straps that were built on it to assist you and reduces the space usage in the luggage. Osprey FairPoint 40 may be higher in price than you think but when you buy, you will realize you didn’t make a mistake because it is the best quality ever.

 Here is another backpack the cabin zero; it is made explicitly for Ryanair and easy jet cabin. It is an urban backpack style, and it is different from others. Its capacity or space is 44 liters. This backpack has a front opening to make it very easy for you to access; it was made in global luggage tracker, and was powered by Mr. Okoban. Cabin zero is a ten years warranty.
 I think we have heard of osprey FairPoint 55 at the top. It is also a big man in carry-on backpacks. It has an integrated daypack attached to it. It a portable backpack and it can get into the cabin on the airplane, but it is average with some of the airlines

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 Another special carry-on backpack is Ebag mother lode 22 inches. It has the same size as cabin baggage. It is very portable and flexible. It can enter many cabins, and an exact laptop packet is attached to it too. It was very well intended especially to reach the needs of the lightweight and modernized travelers. If you want to add any other load with the one you are carrying, you could just add a small shoulder bag and camera bag. And also leave enough space in the main backpack for necessity.
These are the top best backpacks with wheel:
 The high sierra twenty-two wheeled backpack, with attached daypack: is the best-wheeled backpack. It is affordable with a daypack glued to it with a zip. You can zip it on or zip it out after use.
 The daypack is like a short hike and you detach it if you are traveling on an airplane. The main bag can go for a cabin baggage. You can carry both main bag and the daypack into the cabin. The pack suits the airplane requirements.
 The high sierra drop bottom wheeled duffel is good too. The twenty-six inch has sixty-eight liters of space for your stuff. And you can wheel it upright when the load is too much.
 The Caribee Sky master seventy backpack is another monster of backpacks, it is seventy liters and has a daypack attached to it. It has a high load capacity but you can’t hang it.
 Best top hiking style backpack suggestion
 Osprey Aether seventy: osprey offer hiking packs. It has the best attribute to make you comfortable when trekking.
 The high sierra sentinel sixty-five has lots of attributes. It is the best hiking style backpack with an integrated pack- away waterproof cover to protect the inside from the rain.
 You can go for Kelty coyote 80, it’s large and accommodating. There is a top side in it and you can actually separate it when you are in need of a daypack.
After you have made your choice on a backpack, you will need to be assured on the way to envelop all the stuff that you put inside of it. Do you really want to be saved five percent on the great journey assurance for backpackers, this is the way you can protect yourself from the travel fish and by the lonely planet. You can go and rent a private room that is on rental services, it is better and valuable than a hotel and hostels in many countries.
If you want to stay safe and spend less, pack little but the bare necessities. Don’t go with your valuables. But if you must, get an insurance cover. We have described extensively the different types of a backpack for the kind of traveler on board. When you choose the type of traveler you are, it will help you to pick the best backpack for you. After that, you have the minimalist list below to help you in your backpacking packing. This list will remind you of the stuff to pack. How you pack determines how you are charged! Go through it!
They are those things you cannot do without on your trip. Without them, you are in the middle of nowhere! Pack these entire first before you can think of more items. This list of mine will help and remind you of stuff you need to pack into your backpack to ensure you didn’t forget the necessary things for the traveling:
 Passport: have you heard the thought reaching the airport and realize you didn’t come it your passport, what will be the outcome, you will have to miss the flight because you went back to get it.

 Eu adapters: make sure you don’t forget your EU adapter so that you would not be buying one in the airline at the hotels.

 Underwears: remember to go with enough underwear so you can be able to change dirty ones.

 Socks: make sure to pack thick socks in case there is cold over there, and also angled socks for you to wear if you will be wearing a trainer around the area.

 Phone charger/ flexible and portable phone charger: you won’t feel good if your phone should run out of battery on your way, so you have to come with a charger.

 Clothes (that includes pajamas): Your list of clothing will be according to your reason for traveling. If it is for fun, you will pack casual clothes. But if it is for business, you will pack formal clothes and some casuals too. Yet you will have to pack like a minimalist traveler. You should have in mind that you need clothes that you would wear, and also clothes to keep you warm. Make sure to take as many clothes as possible with you that will last till your travel is over. But don’t packs excessively, just take enough necessary ones or else your backpack will not fit in all the things you are going with.

 Waterproof Mac: you should be prepared and go with your waterproof Mac because the weather of places around Europe isn’t predictable and you don’t know the climate of the place or city you are going to, it might be prone to rain. So be ready thoroughly.

 Walking shoes: you can put on the walking boot if there is no space in your backpack, so you wear it when you get there.

 Bag liner for sleeping: you would need this in case you are camping or sleeping on a dirty bed.

 Water bottle: a metal water bottle is recommended as the best water can for traveling. It is durable and is hygienic for you to use.

 Euros: make sure to bring your wallet, and also keep it in a safe and protected place but easily accessible (like the bum bag).

 Hairbrush and spray: you will have to bring this to maintain your hair and keep it neat.

 Painkillers: this is for a headache, muscle aches, stomach ache, you have to come with some in case you start having pains you can take it to relief you.

 Camera: if you should forget this young man you will regret it forever. So you have to bring a nice and good working traveling camera.

 You will also need the camera charger to charge it when the battery runs down.

 Deodorant: in case you start getting or having a change in odor you can use the deodorant. So you must embark on your journey with the deodorant.

 Body wash: it is compulsory that you have to make a move with your body wash or soap.

 Towel: buy a microfiber towel so it won’t take much space in your backpack. You can use it after bathing so that you won’t get your clothes wet. Remember that most hotels don’t serve towels.

 GPS or map: if you are traveling you should have the access of the GPS app in your phone, and also download the map me app or city mapper app. With your map, you can be able to know where ever you are going to.
If you have some ailments, you have to inform your doctor about special prescriptions. Never travel without getting them because eventualities might occur to disorganize the trip. Also, go with your medication certificates. Don’t forget some over the counter medicines like;
 Acetaminophen, ibuprofen, and aspirin
 Vitamin-like fish oil pills and a multivitamin are good too.
 Don’t forget some medicines for diarrhea, nausea and motion sickness.
 Get some melatonin to improve your mood when needed.
 First aid kit
 This is vital for cases of injury. You have to pack all the contents of a normal first aid box such as;
 Anesthetic spray,
 Bandages and scissors
 Methylated spirit and antibiotic gel are also vital.
AND IF YOU ARE PACKING YOUR BACKPACK TO GO TO SCHOOL AND YOU ARE A FIRST TIMER below is a list to guide you, so you will not forget your important stuff.
1. Choose a backpack: First of all before you choose the backpack that will carry all your stuff you should check the schools rule, to know the type of backpack is allowed. Call the school and ask them if you aren’t sure, most schools take standard bags or messenger backpack and don’t like wheeled backpacks.
2. Packing school items: you have to bring together all your school items, many schools use to check if your school item is complete. So you must make sure all your school stuff is complete. Then you put them in a section in the backpack, keep it in a place that it will be easily accessible and safe. This is some school item you can pack pens, pencils, rulers, mathematics set, color pens, textbooks, exercise books, paperwork, index card, makers, scissors easers and some other things.
3. You medication: if you are suffering from asthma and some other sicknesses you will have to go to your school with your medications like an inhaler.
4. Foodstuff: so you would eat when you are hungry and other things you will need but are the four top important things.
There is joy in traveling light! Pack like a minimalist will do by dropping the unnecessary! Pack for a week and not for months because you can always get ways of washing up. And then follow a first in first out method of arrangement. So that shoes will go in first. With socks properly covered with a plastic bag, before other things. And make sure you follow this guideline for packing the bare essentials; your trip will be all fun and memorable!
I know that by now, you must have known and remembered many things that you will need with these little guides of mine. So if you are a traveler carry every of your thing that is necessary and enjoy your travel!