Best Travel Hair Dryer

Best Travel Hair Dryer

While basic models are still on the shelves, you can now come across a range of hair dryers with many extra options. Newer hair dryers make it easier to style your hair, they are gentler, and considering that it is a commonly used tool, you might want to consider choosing one of these pieces. The engines of the more powerful dryers give you more wind power, so you can style your hair in less time, and your hair will be less damaged. If you want a gentler hair dryer, choose a ceramic, porcelain or infra hair dryer. In the followings, the best hair dryers will be reviewed which are especially recommended for travels!

The Top Five Best Travel Hair Dryer

Revlon Hair Dryer

Revlon Hair Dryer is a small and compact hair dryer, which makes it a perfect choice for travel. With the usage of 2 heat and speed settings, you can quickly dry and style your hair as you want. It perfectly suits your personal needs and by using the cool shot setting, you can also set your unique style. The product has removable end cap for easy cleaning and maintenance. It also features a hanging ring for easy storage as well as protective anti-slip bumpers. This black hair dryer has a simple, elegant design, but it is also available in other colours too. In addition, this product was made by Revlon Hair Tools brand, which provides a wide range of hair styling tools for women.

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Conair Hair Dryer

Conair Hair Dryer is an ionic hair dryer which dries hair evenly and delivers your favourite hair style, however you want to wear it. The product’s built-in tourmaline ceramic technology provides infrared heat to help you to fight frizz and bring out your hair’s own natural beauty and shine. It has a DC motor and offers 3 different heat settings and 2 speed settings. You can use any combination of these settings with an easy flick of the rocker switches in order to match your hair texture and length or to match your desired styling goal. With the cool shot button, you can finish off your new hair style with a blast of cold air. Thanks to its removable filter, its cleaning and maintaining is trouble free. It has a long, 5-foot cord, which means it is easy to reach behind your head or walk over to the mirror. In addition, it also includes concentrator for focused airflow and straight styles.

Conair 1600W Hair Dryer

Conair 1600W Hair Dryer is a conveniently transportable and compact hair dryer, which is also equipped with dual voltage for worldwide travel. As it features 1600 Watts, it is powerful enough to style hair on the go as well as for fast drying. It has 2 heat/speed settings to customize your hair drying experience. Thanks to its 5-foot cord, it makes hair drying accessible. As this blow dryer has a folding handle, it makes it easy to pack in a suitcase, or store in a drawer. It also only weights 1 pound, so it is greatly recommended for travels.

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Trezoro 9300 Hair Dryer

Trezoro 9300 Hair Dryer has a powerful, enhanced yet low noise 2200 Watts DC motor for effortless salon hairstyles. Its built-in modern ionic system guarantees shiny hair and great style. It also has 3 heat and 2 speeds settings. The product offers two professional concentrators for fast drying and precision styling. The built-in ceramic tourmaline technology makes your hair healthy, supple and glossy. It also has a double safety removable filter, which prevents hair get sucked into the blow dryer and it also facilitates the timely clean up. The hair dryer’s cable is 2.7 m long within safe insulating material, so it is convenient and durable. This dryer is different from other dryers on the market, as it is able to efficiently preserve moisture, keeping the hair smooth. It also has a premium soft-touch body, with comfortable non-slip handle for flexible operation. Overall, this product is an ideal hair styling tool for both men and women.

Jinry Professional Hair Dryer

Jinry Professional Hair Dryer neutralizes the positive charge in the hair to eliminate static electricity. As it has 1875 Watts of drying power and airflow speed of 90 km/h, this hair dryer can give you faster salon quality for hair styling and drying as well. Thanks to its far infrared heating capacity, it enables to penetrate directly into the cortex of your hair cuticles, heating them from the inside out. In addition, infrared energy heats hair evenly for faster drying and lasting results. The usage of this product can greatly reduce damage to hair, protecting it against heat damage. It will definitely make your hair healthier and smoother. The package includes concentrator, diffuser and styling pik attachments for fast drying and precision styling. It is an ideal hair styling tool for both men and women. This hair dryer has 2 speed (high and low) and 3 heat (hot and cool and warm) settings plus a cool shot button for complete drying and styling with flexibility. It was made of only high-quality matte material and ergonomic design which all make it more comfortable to hold and agile to operate.

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Various manufacturers offer multiple hair dryers with different performance to meet varying requirements. Overall, all of the above reviewed models are from highly reputable brands, so they all offer the best hair drying experience. In addition, not only do these products stand out among the rest due to their extra features and brand names, but also because of their popularity and positive feedbacks.

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